A passion for great coffee

We appreciate how much you love great coffee! More coffee shops are appearing on our high street each year. With an exciting menu and contemporary concept design, the coffee-shop has been the true inspiration for the Passion brand!

The best ingredients, ethically sourced and better for you…

Our drinks use only the best ingredients, which have been carefully selected and blended to create the finest coffee-shop quality drinks:

  • Rainforest Alliance Certified hand-picked coffee and leaf tea
  • Indulgent hot chocolate rich and creamy soup
  • Skimmed milk

The Rainforest Alliance

Our coffee and tea* is Rainforest Alliance Certified™. The Rainforest Alliance works with growing regions to improve working conditions, training and farming practices to help protect the environment and naturally improve quality and the price received by the farmers. Annual inspection ensures that communities and local environments are protected under the principles of the Rainforest Alliance.

‘Skinny’ drinks

It’s all about the milk!

It’s the milk that makes the perfect cappuccino or latte! You can now enjoy the great natural taste of milk from a vending machine… Our drinks are made with natural granulated skimmed milk:

  • Virtually fat free – healthier for you
  • Milk whips into a strong creamy head making perfect speciality coffees
  • natural taste

All Passion drinks are ‘skinny’ and taste great!

A choice of concepts!

At Passion, we understand consumers, but also the importance of cost and so offer a range of concepts with different ingredient packages and cup offers to suit different consumers and budgets… For public sites Passion de CafeTM delivers the ultimate in premium hot drinks in large 12oz paper cups. In work place and factory locations, cost is more important, and we can offer the same great design and drinks, but with a choice of prices with Passion @ WorkTM.

The coffee-shop experience at your convenience!

With Passion de Cafe we have been inspired by the coffee-shop. Developing drink recipes straight from the high street including cappuccino, latte, espresso and americano as well as babyccino, or hot steamed milk, Passion de Cafe does not compromise. With Passion de Cafe Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee and freshly brewed tea is offered along with granulated skimmed milk for a fair and ethically sourced premium quality drink that is healthier.

A truly coffee-shop inspired menu with nothing but high street choices available.

Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM 100% Passion coffee – instant and beans!
Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM leaf tea and tea bags
Passion de Cafe chocolate – continental taste!
A choice of soups – improved natural flavours, reduced salt and no MSG!

Natural chocolate indulgence!

The most indulgent chocolate available from Passion de Cafe, Amour de Chocolat!

  • High cocoa content
  • Free of Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils
  • Clean, natural recipe, with no artificial additives
  • Reduced fat

Pure chocolate indulgence, nothing else!

Large cups and sip lids

We don’t believe in those funny little cups you normally get from a vending machine. With Passion de Cafe you get the best coffee shop standard drinks in large paper cups – high street inspired design with a sip lid!

Give your team the choice!

With Passion @ Work, we can offer you the choice of a great regular drink or a premium speciality drink at the push of a button! With a choice of contemporary black plastic or paper cups with Passion @ Work, your staff can enjoy all the great drinks they would expect and can also treat themselves to a little bit of indulgence with a speciality coffee.

Fair and ethical ingredients with choice!

The menu…

With Passion @ Work Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee and freshly brewed tea is offered along with granulated skimmed milk for a fair and ethically sourced premium quality drink that is healthier. As well as coffee and leaf tea the menu offers…

  • Passion @ Work chocolate
  • A choice of soups – improved natural flavours, reduced salt and no MSG!
  • The option of still and sparkling cold drinks

Passion de Cafe dispense systems

  • contemporary design
  • convenient and easy to operate and clean
  • suitable for low and high volume sites

Fully branded support materials available

  • menu cards
  • tent cards
  • street signs

A choice of flexible packages available!

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