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Wholesale Coffee Supplier Tavistock

Wholesale Coffee Supplier Tavistock

Wholesale Coffee Supplier Services in Tavistock

Passionate about coffee and dedicated to supplying top quality, freshly roasted (daily) coffee and superb loose teas to both the commercial gourmet coffee and tea market and private specialty coffee lovers in Tavistock. The Upton Group provide an extensive range of wholesale products and additional services.

Retail Coffee Supplier Tavistock

Sourcing all of our luxury and gourmet coffees from all over the world – from Africa’s fruity and sharp, fragrant specials and the Pacific Rim’s full-bodied, creamy island coffees to Asia’s spicy, complex Arabica beans and South & Central America’s mild, aromatic citrus coffee beans – we exclusively purchase green coffee to be lovingly roasted in small batches here at our Yorkshire-based artisan roastery before blending and packing it.

We also supply a wide range of:

  • Green Coffee for Home Roasting
  • Home Coffee Makers
  • Home Coffee Grinders
  • Home Coffee Making Accessories
  • Home and Commercial Barista Equipment

Tea Supplier Tavistock

Sourcing our luxury loose teas from the renowned Metropolitan Tea Company, we are able to supply an extensive range of specialty teas including Oolong; black, green and white teas; herbal and fruit infusions; flavoured and wellness teas from around the world to both retail and commercial customers. We also offer a variety of Home Tea Brewing Equipment and advice on which teas to offer in your cafe/coffee shop, as well as relevant POS materials.

Wholesale Coffee Supplier Tavistock

Having owned cafes and currently supplying many Tavistock based establishments, we are well aware of the importance to please customers and supply them with an outstanding, repeatable and reliable coffee experience that truly stands out among the crowd and has them coming back for more.

Bespoke Blending Service

We subsequently supply not only the finest, freshly roasted house-blends, but also offer a bespoke blending service dedicated to creating a coffee blend that is unique to your establishment. Please contact us for further details/ to discuss your specific requirements (see contact details below).

Coffee Blends

Post-blending all of our blends (individually roasting components before blending) to ensure we extract the best, fullest flavour from every bean and each bean fulfils its specific function (i.e. add body or sweetness) within the blend, we never flash roast beans. As a result, you will receive a medium to dark (at most) roasted, top quality artisan product that provides delicious coffee flavours, as opposed to the flavour of roast, in every cup. Every one of our ethically sourced, distinctive coffees comes complete with:

  • Taste profile
  • Strength indicator
  • Recommended brew guide

Additional Wholesale Coffee Supplier Products Tavistock

In addition, we supply a wide range of:

  • Commercial La Cimbali & Casadio Coffee Machines
  • Commercial Coffee Grinders
  • Commercial Coffee Making Accessories
  • Commercial Barista Equipment

We do, however, not stop at providing the products you require to run a successful cafe…

Coffee Supplier Consultancy Tavistock

Our services also include specialist advice for independent café owners, in particular newcomers to this kind of business. Drawing on knowledge and experience gained in real life scenarios, we offer a range of packages to business start-ups, including options to help with the creation of a business plan, presentations and more.

Offering the first meeting – which will take place either at a location of your choice or at your business premises – to discuss your specific aims/ objectives and our available consultancy options free of charge, we will subsequently put together a bespoke consultancy plan detailing what assistance is required when and what is involved in terms of cost.

Ranging from one-off advice or ongoing barista training (hourly basis) to packages including the sourcing of properties and equipment, business planning, store set-ups and more, our consultancy services include:

  • Blending / Barista Training
  • Audits/ Mystery Shopper
  • Business Planning/Marketing Strategies
  • Store Roll Outs (complete with layout design, equipment sourcing, menu planning and more)
  • Barista Hire (one-off)

Contact the The Upton Group

For information about our services and products and/or to set up a trade account with your first choice coffee Supplier in Tavistock, please contact us by Telephone 0800 046 7155 or use the contact form.

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