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Palma H

Palma H
  • Attractive design
  • High flexibility
  • Easy operator use
  • Top security
  • Advanced technology
  • Guaranteed reliability

Its attractive curved front and large product showcase attract customers’ attention. Versatile configuration with spirals, pivoting trays for easier reloading AND simple, clear price configuration and programming, thereby reducing installing and operating delays to a minimum.

The Palma series includes the most advanced technology, self-diagnosis system, clear alphanumeric display, easy access to key components and flexible coin mechanism or payment system choice.

With its adjustable tray system, wide range of spirals and a temperature control system, the Palma H allows you every possibility to adapt product selection to every need.

A top security door with triple front, crowbar-proof system and steel pushbuttons, protect you against vandalism while maximizing returns on your investment.

Dimensions: Width 888 mm    Depth 875 mm    Height 1830 mm    Weight 340 kg

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