BevMax 3

BevMax 3

The BevMax 3 benefits from five delivery trays with eight or nine channels handle most shapes and sizes of bottles and cans without the need for shims or spacers. Vends carbonated or still, glass or PET bottles / cans from any selections. Clear display of all products. Up to 495 product capacity and 45 product facings – no product decals needed. Full hermetic construction of refrigeration system for long service life. All components serviceable from machine front. Vend sensors guarantee product delivery.

  • Glass front bottle & can merchandiser featuring rapid pick up mechanism.
  • Clear display of all products
  • Waist high product retrieval.
  • Vends glass and PET bottles plus cans of any shape without the need for shims or spacers.
  • Up to 45 selections with a maximum 495 unit capacity.

Height: 1830mm  Width: 1181mm  Depth: 813mm

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