Healthy Vending Machines

Public demand for healthier nutrition makes having healthy vending machines in your establishment, whether it is an office, factory or library; a school, hospital or public swimming pool, ever more important. Making fresh, chilled water available in office environments is, as a matter of fact, now legally required throughout the UK

Healthy Vending Machines in Hospitals and Schools

With obesity and ‘junk-food’ related illnesses like diabetes, heart conditions, and so on threatening the health of young and old alike, schools and hospitals in particular are under scrutiny and must set an example by offering healthy snacks and drinks in their vending machines.

What is required

In essence, healthy vending machines should offer a variety of fresh foods – fruit, vegetables, yoghurts, sandwiches with healthy fillings, etc. – and nutritional snack bars, as well as water and other drinks of benefit to the health of users (like, for instance, fruit juices and/or herbal teas), as opposed to the usual crisps, chocolate bars and sugary and/or caffeine-laden beverages.

Upton Group Healthy Vending Machines

Serving schools, hospitals and businesses throughout Yorkshire, from Barnsley, Beverley and Bradford to Bridlington, Castleford and Doncaster; from Goole, Selby and Harrogate to Huddersfield, Hull and Leeds; from Scarborough, Sheffield and Wakefield to Wetherby, York and beyond, we supply and install a wide range of hot & cold water machines; hot and cold drinks dispensers and food vending machines (hot and cold) to suit every requirement.

Bespoke Healthy Vending Machines

In addition, we can also design, supply and install bespoke healthy vending machines to match your specific requirements in terms of fresh foods – from snacks to full meals – and healthy drinks. Sleek, elegant and easy to fill and use, our healthy vending machines are invariably designed to provide your employees, students or visitors with the kind of top quality, tasty and healthy snacks, meals or drinks today’s health-conscious society and your duty of care towards those frequenting your premises demand.

Contact Us

For more detailed information and/or to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to call us on Tel.: 01757 629 112 or contact us online today.

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